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Fall 2018 Social Hour & Evening Themes

Social Hour 2010Among the highlights of each day at the West Coast Gatherings are the late afternoon social hour parties and evening events.

Just for fun, the social hour parties and evening events have a different theme each day. While nudity is still the overall rule, gathering attendees are encouraged (but not required) to wear accessories that correspond to the theme for the social hour and evening.

Social hour “costumes” can range from a simple cap or hat to the outlandish.

Suggestions for themes for CMEN’s West Coast Gathering 2018 were proposed by past Gathering participants. These suggested themes were reviewed and after months of deliberation the final themes for 2018 were selected:

Friday, August 31: Red Hot. Everything is red hot today! Wear your favorite red cap, red sandals, a plaid red kilt, a Santa hat or how about some red-hot Matador tights?! Dress up as Elmo the Muppet, Jessica Rabbit or wear the Cat in the Hat’s red hat! Instead of dressing up to walk the Red Carpet, WEAR the red carpet! You don’t belong to the Red Hat Society? No problem… put on something Fire Engine red and pretend you’re with a real Fireman!

Mardi Gras Social Hour 2001Saturday, September 1: Superheroes and Villains. Will you be Superman or Lois Lane? Batman or his Boy Wonder? The Flash, The Hulk, or Thor! Perhaps you’re feeling brave and bitchy as Cruella Devil, Maleficent, or the Catwoman? Will you be a nemesis dressed as the Joker, the Riddler, Penguin or Darth Vader? Or will it be Wolverine, Aquaman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, or Wonder Woman? Everyone’s a SuperCMEN today by donning a cape and some crotch-less tights!

Sunday, September 2: (Un)dress to the Nines. In celebration of the CMEN’s twentieth “anniversary” let’s go formal. Wear your outfit to the Anniversary Brunch, then rework it for Social Hour! How about a bow tie and nothing else?! A cock-exposing cumber-bun? Or be the belle of the ball in an elegant chiffon gown suited for a debutante. How about Black-tie and tails with YOUR tail showing? Perhaps a black leather vest and Muir cap? Be creative!

Monday, September 3: International Day. Time to show the world which country speaks to you! Or perhaps you were born in China, Canada, or the Philippines? Wrap yourself in your favorite country’s flag… or go all out with a Mexican Serape and a sombrero! If you’re feeling femme, how about a frilly, french frock with a raspberry beret? A Japanese Kimono with a cock hanging out might be more suitable. An Egyptian Pharaoh’s wrap? A Toga from Ancient Rome? Surprise us with your International creativity!

Tuesday, September 4: Trailer Trash. Dress like you just stepped off the set of a John Water’s flick… or better yet, like you just stepped out of a Walmart! Anything TRASHY will do: torn jeans shorts, wife-beater shirts, socks with high-heels! Go all out and style your hair into a Mullet (better known as a “Kentucky Waterfall”). Today is all about red necks, hillbillies and white trash!

Leathermen at leather theme social hourWednesday, September 5: Night of 1,000 Queens! Dress to sparkle and shimmer this afternoon. Perhaps you’ll find paradise in a glorious ensemble, in a totally silly frock, or in the man wearing one… Who will win our hearts? Everyone’s a Queen this afternoon whether you’re wearing a tiara, a crown or just wish you had the nerve! The highlight of the evening will be the Miss CMEN Queen contest, hosted by none-other than the sultry, yet saucy: Miss Ida Ho! Who will win on CMEN’s most glamorous night? After the show head over to the Cinema Yurt in the heart of CMEN Plaza for the CMEN’s West Coast Gathering Twenty-Year-Anniversary “Slow Dance” where you’ll make dazzling memories to treasure for years to cum!

Thursday, September 6: A Night at Folsom Street. Yes Sir!  The masculine aroma of men in black leather fills the air, the music beats heavy with anticipation.  Will tonight be the night of your fantasies?  Look your best in polished motorcycle boots, a black leather cap, armbands, a harness, and/or other leather accessories.  No need to dress fancy this afternoon: your outfit can be as simple as a leather c-ring! Demonstrations are scheduled throughout the day and the Mr. CMEN Leather contest will highlight the evening. Who will win this pre-IML contest? A victory dance will follow the show.

Friday, September 7: Celebrating Green. Unleash the Irish side of you by donning a leprechaun’s cap. Can’t find your Irish? Be your favorite TV celebrity like Kermit the frog or My Favorite Martian? Do you love fresh green vegetables? Cucumbers? Be one! Anything green will do: Gumby, the Hulk, the Jolly Green Giant, the Grinch, Puff the Magic Dragon, a Ninja Turtle, Shrek, the Riddler, or an alien or how about the Wicked Witch of the West!? Are you dedicated to green living?….then go all Eco on us and wear a Solar Panel, or a giant Hemp leaf. You can even be a tree or the Earth herself!

Hawaiian Luau Social HourSaturday, September 8: Jocks and Cheerleaders. Like GEAR wear? Perhaps you emulate a football or baseball player? Any “sport” will do this afternoon! So, strap on shoulder pads, and score a touchdown with a new friend! If you’re feeling girly, how about an outfit that involves pom-poms, a pig-tailed wig and a teensy skirt with nothin’ underneath! Be competitive today in athletic gear or creative sports-wear and be sure to give someone a wedgie!

Volunteers are welcome to help with these and other proposed theme related evening activities, please note any special interest when sending in the registration form.

Sound like fun? Why not tell a friend? For further details contact CMEN at 1-877-NUDIST-1 (1-877-683-4781)
Photography By: Rick B.